Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding at Our Animal Hospital in Park Hills

If you and your beloved pet have never been separated, or if your pet has always seemed all right with overnight separations, you may not be familiar with the concept of pet boarding at our animal hospital in Park Hills. But when it's time to enter the hospital for lengthy medical treatment, fly across the country on business or take a vacation to a place that can't accommodate your pet, you'll want to make sure your special friend has plenty of food, activity, affection and access to veterinary care throughout your absence. Our boarding services at Park Hills Animal Hospital will put your mind at ease.

Why Choose Veterinary Pet Boarding?

While it might be possible to ask a good friend or neighbor to check in on your pet briefly once or twice a day, the "mini-visit" approach has some serious flaws. Many pets feel abandoned or neglected when they must spend many hours a day without human company. This can lead to anxiety, depression, aggression and even destructive misbehavior. Your pet's physical health is also at stake, especially if he is geriatric and/or suffering from a medical condition. That well-meaning friend may not known how to provide special needs -- and a sudden health crisis might go unnoticed for hours. Boarding your pet with an experienced veterinarian in Park Hills is better -- both for your pet's health and for your own nerves!

Pet Boarding At Your Animal Hospital in Park Hills, KY

A Variety of Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding Services

Your pet is in good (and skilled) hands here at Park Hills Animal Hospital. We can provide regular feedings, spacious enclosures, daily exercise and the reassurance of interacting with caring humans as well as our other guests. Your veterinarian in Park Hills (Dr. Collett or Dr. Buckley) can also administer medicines and monitor the health of any pet with special veterinary needs. If trouble strikes, your Park Hills veterinarian can provide emergency treatment.

We will do everything possible to make your pet's stay a pleasant one. For instance, we understand that dogs and cats are very different, so our cat boarding services offer an extra degree of quiet, calm and privacy compared to our dog boarding services. We also make sure all guests have the necessary inoculations and parasite prevention in place to ensure a safe environment.

Schedule Your Vacation, Business Conference or Holiday Pet Boarding ASAP

It's never too early to start thinking about your pet's boarding needs, especially during the holiday season when every other pet owner does the same. Call our animal hospital in Park Hills at 859-581-5200 about your vacation, business conference, hospital stay or holiday pet boarding needs as soon as possible. We will book your pet's stay and advise you as to any vaccination updates or other preparations your pet may need in advance. Then go make the most of your trip -- and leave your pet's health and safety to your Park Hills veterinarian!


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "My wife and I are senior citizens and have extensive experience with vets, as we've owned many pets. Dr. Collett and his staff are nothing short of incredible! Our 15 year-old cat fell ill and, even though heavily booked, the doctor worked her into his schedule the same morning we phoned. The level of professionalism and genuine concern displayed during every phase of our appointment was absolutely mind-boggling. Our "daughter" received a thorough examination and diagnostic evaluation, proper treatment, and understandable explanations were provided. We never felt rushed and always felt that we were in great hands. Scooter has recovered and is thriving again."
    Woodrow P.