Park Hills Animal Hospital Services

Whether your pet needs a routine examine, grooming or extensive surgery, trust the team at Park Hills Animal Hospital. Led by Dr. Mark Collett, our experienced vet staff is trained and certified to deliver the best care for your dog or cat.

Looking for a vet in Park Hills? Here is a short list of the services offered by our Park Hills Veterinarian; call us today to see how we can help your pet!

Here Is a List of Some of The Services Offered by Our Park Hills Veterinarian:

  • Pet Wellness: No matter your animal’s age or health status, pet wellness exams are important for catching problems early so you can ensure a long, happy life for your dog or cat. Wellness exams are non-invasive and involve a discussion of your pet’s behavior, diet and exercise habits. This is also the time to recommend any vaccines or testing to diagnose potential health issues.

  • Dental Care: “Dog breath” isn’t just unpleasant – it’s a sign your pooch needs dental care. Our veterinarian in Park Hills can perform teeth cleanings to remove plaque and help protect your dog from dental disease. We can also offer tips to help keep cavities and gum disease in check with at-home dental care.

  • Vaccinations: Thanks to the advent of vaccinations, today’s pets live longer, healthier lives by avoiding infectious diseases. We recommend you visit our animal hospital in Park Hills for vaccinations when your pet is young, and again in the coming years for booster shots against rabies and other communicable diseases your pet may be at increased risk for.

  • Surgery: From routine spaying and neutering to more complex procedures, we offer a range of surgical services for dogs and cats. Our veterinarian in Park Hills is caring and compassionate and will do everything possible to keep your pet comfortable before, during and after surgery.

  • Boarding and Grooming: Have an upcoming trip planned? Leave your dog or cat at our animal hospital in Park Hills, which also offers a pet boarding facility. We offer grooming services as well, which you can schedule separately or while your animal is being boarded.

  • Laser Therapy: A broad range of issues can be treated with laser therapy. Park Hills Animal Hospital is proud to offer this latest advancement in veterinary medicine to help your animal heal faster from illnesses, injuries and post-surgery.

  • Nutritional Counseling: As with humans, the food your pet eats plays a critical role in overall health and wellness. Don’t take pet nutrition for granted! Whether your pet is overweight, showing signs of food allergies or suffering from a specific health problem, our nutritional counseling services can help you optimize your pet’s diet.

  • Diagnostic Services: When something mysterious is wrong with your pet, visit our animal hospital in Park Hills for diagnostic services, including radiology (X-rays) and ultrasounds. These tools are used to pinpoint problems from bone breaks and fractures to organ abnormalities to fetal health in breeding animals.

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If you feel your pet could benefit from any of the services we offer, please contact our Park Hills veterinarian at 859-581-5200 to schedule your appointment today.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "My wife and I are senior citizens and have extensive experience with vets, as we've owned many pets. Dr. Collett and his staff are nothing short of incredible! Our 15 year-old cat fell ill and, even though heavily booked, the doctor worked her into his schedule the same morning we phoned. The level of professionalism and genuine concern displayed during every phase of our appointment was absolutely mind-boggling. Our "daughter" received a thorough examination and diagnostic evaluation, proper treatment, and understandable explanations were provided. We never felt rushed and always felt that we were in great hands. Scooter has recovered and is thriving again."
    Woodrow P.