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Animal Care and Pet Allergies Care From Your Park Hills Animal Hospital

Animal Care and Pet Allergies Care From Your Park Hills Animal Hospital

Almost two-thirds of American households have a pet, most of which are dogs and cats. Many pets are considered a part of the family. For millions, they are also the source of annoying pet allergies. Are you allergic to your pet? What are the symptoms and causes? What steps can you take to reduce symptoms and how can animal care help? At Park Hills Animal Hospital, the veterinarian local pet owners trust, wants you to enjoy your pet, even if they may cause a sneeze or two. Let's take a closer look at pet allergies.

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Common Symptoms and Causes of Pet Allergies

Allergies occur when the immune system overreacts to normally harmless allergens. Common symptoms include watery eyes, sneezing, itching, and sniffling. They are sometimes similar to the symptoms of a common cold. These reactions can be caused by pollen or mold spores that collect in a pet's fur or hair. In addition, allergies may be caused by a pet's skin flakes, dander, saliva, or urine. Many owners are surprised to learn that the length of a pet's hair has little to do with whether they may cause an allergic reaction. The reality is, there is no such thing as a “hypoallergenic” breed of dog or cat.

What You Can Do To Reduce Symptoms of Pet Allergies

Getting rid of your pet is not always the only answer. An allergist experienced in pet allergies can determine a treatment effective for you. There are over the counter medications that may reduce symptoms. Keeping pets well-groomed and clean may also provide some relief. During pollen season, you may wish to limit your pet's exposure to the out of doors. Many find that keeping their home as free as possible from pet hair and dander and using an air filter system is helpful.

Animal Care for Pets who Suffer Allergies

You may not be aware but pets, especially dogs, can suffer their own allergic reactions, mainly to foods. It's not all that uncommon for dogs to be allergic to a combination of foods including beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb, soy, pork, and more.

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