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Pet Care Goes Beyond Standard Check-ups at Your Animal Hospital in Park Hills KY

We humans often forget that personal care extends beyond standard healthcare and doctor's visits. The same holds true for your treasured family pet. At Park Hills Animal Hospital, we like to remind our clients that both humans and pets need an extra boost of care from time to time. Treating your dog or cat to pet grooming is one more way to show your furry companion how much you care about their welfare. Our pet care team at your animal hospital in Park Hills KY loves spending time with pets, giving them an extra dose of affection during their cat grooming and dog grooming visits.

Our Park Hills veterinarian team is here and ready to help your pet stay healthy, happy, and energized through a balanced combination of regular health check-ups, routine pet grooming appointments, and advice on nutrition and exercise. We love seeing your pet at their best each visit, and we always look for ways to help make sure that they stay that way.

A small dog getting a pet grooming at Park Hills Animal Hospital

Get Your Pet Groomed in Park Hills

When you are reading to get your pet groomed in Park Hills, we have a full roster of services to help your cherished family pet look, feel, and smell their best. Your veterinarian in Park Hills, Drs. Collett and Buckley, along with the rest of our caring pet care team, believe that regular cat grooming and dog grooming appointments offer many benefits thanks to our grooming services, including the following:

Promote a Healthy Coat with Regular Dog Baths

Matted fur on dogs causes many problems that include discomfort and serving as a breeding ground for fleas and ticks.

Remove Oils, Dirt and Old Fur from the Skin

Just like the times your hair stylist gives your scalp a good massaging rub, your dog will experience the same bliss. Also, this scrubbing loosens up the fur to release debris and oils that get caught and stuck in matted fur.

Clear Foot Pads for Better Circulation

Since dogs cool off by a combination of panting by air circulating around and through their paw pads, it is important to keep that area clear of excess hair, dirt, and other materials that could block circulation.

Catch Undetected Medical Problems Early

You or our team may not suspect a problem that your cat or dog is experiencing, but sometimes a casual grooming session, between regular exam visits, can uncover an issue on the horizon when our groomers check the eyes, ears, and teeth.

Keep Your Pet's Teeth Healthy and Strong

While you do regular teeth brushing with your dog, and maybe your cat, we take a little extra time and remove build-up, just like your dentist does for you.

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  • "My wife and I are senior citizens and have extensive experience with vets, as we've owned many pets. Dr. Collett and his staff are nothing short of incredible! Our 15 year-old cat fell ill and, even though heavily booked, the doctor worked her into his schedule the same morning we phoned. The level of professionalism and genuine concern displayed during every phase of our appointment was absolutely mind-boggling. Our "daughter" received a thorough examination and diagnostic evaluation, proper treatment, and understandable explanations were provided. We never felt rushed and always felt that we were in great hands. Scooter has recovered and is thriving again."
    Woodrow P.